I am a technical writer, and I write a monthly column for Ann Arbor Area Business Monthly Magazine ("BizMo"), formerly the publication of the Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce. My column is called "Small Business and the Internet", and I have been cranking it out since March of 1998. Never missed a deadline, always get a smile.

The column channels the internet for the general reader (Mr. or Ms. small businessperson). Trends are discussed, cogent advice is provided, and internet lore is dispensed.

You can read the complete run of articles at the Small Business and the Internet page.

I also occasionally write feature articles for BizMo:

U-M Office of Tech Transfer:
Helping To Grow Michigan's Economy For The Last 35 Years

(September 2018, PDF: Go to page 10)

The News, The Blues, and a Changing of the Guard
(May 2009)

Ann Arbor's Recording Studios are Alive and Well:
Making Music in Tree Town

(October 2006)

Comcast Sets Sights On Local Business Broadband
(April 2002)

I have also written a series of articles for the Ann Arbor Observer, visible here:

Observer Stories

I write a lot of the copy that appears on my various sites, working with my clients to get their message across in a format that works for the web. I am very experienced in editing client-supplied text to correct spelling, grammar, and over-all legibility.

I have also written a screenplay, Gigs in Space. This is the saga of the first rock and roll band in space. Interested Hollywood moguls are invited to get in touch with me for a pitching session.

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