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Macintosh Computer Help

I am an expert Macintosh Computer support person, working in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. I am experienced in all models of the Mac: MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iMac, as well as other Apple products: iPod, iPhone, and iPad. I support the Apple iLife Suite: iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto and iTunes, as well as the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel).

I have been a Macintosh computer professional since 1986, working first as a service technician at Inacomp Computers, then as a Computer Systems worker for various units of the Unversity of Michigan.

Providing in-home and in-office support, I spend most of my time training Ann Arbor businesses and home users.

I specialize in support for the graphics professional. As a web developer, I have years of experience with graphics applications, especially Photoshop. I have solved font problems, gotten peripherals to work with various systems, and wrestled printers to the ground.

A professional digital photographer, I am very familiar with the issues involved with getting images into the computer and off to a printer.


The on-site and in-house fee for services is $80.00 per hour. This includes travel time, so you can save money by bringing your laptop to me, for instance. For network and printing problems, this is obviously impractical, so a visit is called for. Payment is expected at the end of the service, cash or check; I don't accept credit cards. Minimal charge for in-house services is 1 hour, $80. Minimal charge for on-site services is 2 hours, $160.00 which includes travel time. Additional time is billed in 1/4-hour increments, rounded to the next higher increment. For travel outside of Ann Arbor, there is a $.40 per mile charge.

In the event that the problem isn't fixed, the minimal charge will apply. All efforts will be made to fix things, but it may be that the problem involves a hardware fix or simply can't be solved.

If a hardware problem is diagnosed, additional conniptions ensue. I don't have the resources to stock parts and peripherals, so the unit may need to be taken to a repair facility. I can recommend such facilities, and take the unit in if needs be, but will charge for all delivery and pick-up time. It is usually in the clients' interest to do such schlepping themselves.


If possible, the first thing you should do at the initial signs of trouble is to back up all your data. It is recommended that you keep all your files in your documents folder - that way you can back up just that folder. I will use every means possible to preserve your data, but the first thing I usually do when I arrive is a backup. If you have already done this, you will save time and money. I make no guarantees that data won't be damaged during my diagnosis and repair; this rarely happens but it is why I insist on a recent backup.


The initial contact (short) phone conversation is free. An attempt will be made to provide a quick fix, and if this is done, no charge. A prolonged conversation may, however, result in a charge. Once an initial visit has been made and paid for, subsequent follow-up conversations are also free, within reason. In other words, all conversations regarding a specific previous fix are free, but there may be a charge for long conversations regarding new issues, at my discretion. (This rarely happens).

I am usually cell phone-enabled, and check regularly for voicemail. Calls received after 5:00pm will go to voicemail.

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